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About Us

SM Made, LLC (Sewing Mommy) is a small business that was created with kids in mind.

Hi, I am Diana Ross AKA Sewing Mommy,

When I was about 16 I started to sew. I used my mothers sewing machine all the time. I loved to make new things, it gave me a great feeling when I accomplished something great all on my own.

I had learned how to sew from my late grandmother ( she passed when I was 16) she had a sewing area in her house and some of the first things I remember was making heart pillows with her that I gave to my mom. Maybe that’s why I am so into sewing now, because I got a taste of it when I was younger. I also remember making things like bean bags with my mom too.

So the Christmas I turned 17 my parents got me my own machine, and I got a job at JoAnn fabrics where I worked for 9 years, which is definitely where I experimented with LOTS of new projects. And became educated on different sewing techniques.

Sewing Mommy started in the Summer of 2008. At that time I had begun working on projects that I thought were fun that my son who was 6 months would like. I was home from work with a knee surgery and decided to put all my projects up for sale to keep me occupied.

I worked in my etsy shop part time when ever I could while I was working a full time bank job from 2008 to 2009 .

Then it came to me in 2010, and opportunity to stay home when I had my second son. I took the chance knowing that the only way that we could make it was if I did my etsy shop FULL time. My husband was a great supporter and told me to do what I love and that we would be fine. He is very helpful and understanding when it comes to my work.

I over took our dining room ( which we didn’t really need :)) and made it my work room. That way I wasn’t too far from the family at any given time.
I added a lot of new items and thought up a bunch of new creations that I thought kids and adult would love.

I started to create Hand Stamped Jewelry in another etsy shop of mine and it has just added to my love of the arts, creating wonderful personalized jewelry for everyone!
I am still working on new things all the time in between orders and family. Sewing Mommy has grown so much from 2008, I am so thankful that it has blossomed this much and helps me be a stay at home mom as well. I never dreamed that I would be able to get as far as I have.

In 2013 sewing mommy had transformed into SM Made, LLC and now has its own site
So thank you to all my supporters/ customers!

Thank you for my husband who encourages me to do anything that I want to and supports all of my creations no matter how crazy they may be! He’s such a great Husband and Daddy!

As far as how the my store  works, I am usually a one man show.
I do all the sewing, all the work and I ship it. I sometimes have helpers when I need them. But for the most part it is all me!


Thank you for supporting a stay at home mom based business!